Hazel Skirt - Luca Floral

Jamie Kay

Hazel Skirt - Luca Floral

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Organic Cotton Muslin Hazel Skirt -Luca Floral

100% Organic Cotton Muslin

Why cotton muslin?
Cotton muslin is well known for its ability to breath while keeping the body nice and warm. Light and soft - perfect for those summery days or layering up for winter.

Delicate wash in a laundry bag

Please note as these garments are all hand cut please allow a garment tolerance of 1/1.5cm for your measurements. 

Waist: 1y 21cm, 2y 22cm, 3y 23cm, 4y 24cm, 5y 24cm, 6y 26cm
Side Length: 1y 22cm, 2y 23.5cm, 3y 25cm, 4y 26.5cm, 5y 28cm, 6y 29.5cm