Liilu - Vest Top


The Vest Top in the embroidered muslin has a short squared vest cut + squared cut neckline, front equal back side. It is sleeveless with embroidered lace ends which go completely around. It has herringbone tapes on each side (under arms) to adjust the fit.

Material & Care: 100% organic cotton, muslin. Machine wash at 30°C. Cotton peeling happens and is not a quality defect.

Each piece has gone through a special washing with our unique LiiLU scent. Allergic friendly, tested.

Detail & Fit: relaxed fit, straight cut. Adjustable on the sides. Size Chart (approximate measurements)

AGE LENGTH (front) WIDTH (front)
2y ~ 27.00cm ~ 22.00cm
4y ~ 29.00cm ~ 23.00cm
6y ~ 31.00cm ~ 24.00cm