Nailmatic- Kids Hair and Body Wash MOUSSE PARTY - Strawberry


2-in-1 product for hair and body makes shower time that much easier! User-friendly foaming pump (gas-free!) yields a light, airy foam that will leave the hair clean and detangled, skin hydrated and smooth, and everything smelling deliciously of apricots or strawberries. The special no-tears formulation means more time to admire the bubbles and foam.


Vegan, cruelty free. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

    Ages: 3+ with adult supervision
    Contents: 150 ml / 5 oz.

    Made in France.

    About the Brand

    Nail-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free and trend-setting, nailmatic shakes the nail polish world to move toward a more conscious beauty. Founded in 2012, nailmatic is designed for women and kids and made in France. nailmatic's beauty line extends beyond professional-quality nail polish to serums and tools for nail health and maintenance as well as a wide range of bath and water-based beauty products formulated especially for children.