no nasties - Nancy Deluxe Purple Pretty Play Kid's Makeup Box



Be the hero your lipstick needs and keep it away from tiny hands! So your special little person just LOVES to sneak into your bathroom and ‘do her makeup’ (kind of like how you hide in your bathroom and eat Nutella from the jar).  This wouldn’t be so bad if your secret indulgence wasn’t expensive cosmetics. You’ve thought of getting her some just to play with, but her beautiful skin is so delicate. You’re not going to fork out for the quality, high end stuff you use, but cheaper makeup usually equals nasty ingredients.  Meet Nancy. She’s a hero.

Nancy purple pretty play makeup box includes; - 3 natural eyeshadows with no talc, no clay, no preservatives, and no toxins in purple, blue, and white. - 1 natural dusty pink blush - 1 natural sweetie pie lip balm - No Nasties Nail Stickers - A latex free sponge - 2 double sided sponge applicator brushes - A cotton keepsake bag - Packaged in a recycled cardboard box